Our Services

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures in both Metal and Acrylic


Full Dentures

Full dentures using the best quality in materials



Implant Retained for dentures that function like natural teeth through the use of dental implants


Relines to help improve the fit and comfort of existing dentures

Denture Repairs

Broken dentures that are fixed ASAP!

Sports Mouthguards

Sports Mouthguards providing tooth and root protection for the Budding, Amateur or Professional Athlete

Home Care, Hospital, Nursing Home and Retirement Village Visits.

Providing a quick, easy and affordable service from the comfort of your own home

What is a Dental Prosthetist? 

A Dental Prosthetist is a dental practitioner who has completed extensive training to become firstly a dental technician, who works by referral from a Dentist, and finally a Dental Prosthetist who is registered to consult patients directly. A Dental Prosthetist is registered to undertake the manufacture of complete dentures, partial dentures and mouthguards.


When you put yourself in the care of a Dental Prosthetist you can be secure in the knowledge that you are being looked after by a health professional with the most comprehensive knowledge of advanced techniques, new materials and the latest world trends in the field of denture prosthetics.


Q: Why should a Dental Prosthetist make my dentures?

A: A Dental Prosthetist is a highly trained dental practitioner who has previously worked and trained as a dental technician to manufacture dentures and other dental appliances. Dental Prosthetists directly make dentures for their own patients and have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and rectify any faults within a denture.


Q: How long should a set of dentures last?

A: Depending on the use and maintenance of dentures, they should ideally be replaced every 5-10 years. This will prevent any unnecessary damage to your bone and gums due to the denture being ill-fitting.

Q: Does my denture need a reline?

A: A denture should be checked once every year. It is recommended that a reline be done every 2-3 years to make sure the dentures fit over the gums bone comfortably and properly.

Q: Should I try to repair my own denture?

A: No. Dentures are made of a special acrylic that must be handled by trained professionals. Using super-glue on your dentures can harm the dentures further and make them irrepairable.

Q: Why should I wear a custom made sports mouthguard?

A: A custom made Sports Mouthguard will prevent tooth loss and injury to both the tooth and root during contact sport. In the event that a tooth is knocked out, a mouthguard will hold that injured tooth in position until emergency dental treatment can be administered.

Q: What is HICAPS?

A: HICAPS is an electronic system where your claim is made directly to your Health Fund. The Health Fund will pay the claim directly to the Prosthetist and you will only need to pay the gap payment. This system helps you save time by not having to go to the Health Fund and making the claim yourself.

Q: How do I clean my dentures?

 A: Refer to our Patient Information Sheet